Fashion Defense: Cam Newton At Least Looks Good in Defeat

After an incredible rookie season, Cam Newton is beyond frustrated at the 1-5 record of his Carolina Panthers. He didn’t even have words to express his frustration after his team’s latest loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Much has been made of Newton’s demeanor during games. He has been criticized for not embracing the role of a leader on the sideline. But the man likes to win and he makes no apologies for that fact.

It’s no consolation to Newton, at least he looked good expressing that frustration. In fact, he looked great. He wore a gorgeous tan cable knit sweater with a wide collar/turtleneck type effect. While some bemoaned the fact that Cam has not taken ownership over the team’s issues, others (it couldn’t have just been me) marveled at that sweater.

The sweater is divine and should be owned by men around the country. Heck, I even want that sweater.

Until Newton is again reunited with victory, keep the fabulous looks coming, young man.

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