Fashion Defense: Mike Vick

2010 has been Mike Vick's year. He won the role of starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles from Kevin Kolb and hasn't looked back. It seems that the humility he has displayed since his return to the NFL, coupled with an even more precise, explosive, and thoughtful talent, has won over the sporting world. Vick currently leads all players in Pro Bowl fan voting, was a recent Sports Illustrated cover story,and his name has often been mentioned as possibility for the league's MVP award, even by the owner of the most such awards, Peyton Manning.

Several factors seem to have contributed to this amazing comeback story. Every step of the way, Vick has presented himself with quiet yet sophisticated fashion choices. Dark sweaters at post game interviews. Nothing flashy. Vick seems to be completely aware of the fact that he must walk a fine line to strike a balance of being perceived as confident but not cocky. He seems to understand that his off-field wardrobe is no small part of this balance. No controversial statements can be taken from his attire. No headphones or backpacks worn during his postgame press conferences. Just simple, clean, J. Crew-esque attire that lets Vick's actions and performance on the field present his new image for him.

I look forward to seeing how Mike Vick performs on the field for the remainder of the 2010 season and beyond, as well as what he chooses to wear to talk about these performances.

A collection of some of Mike Vick's fashion choices from recent post game interviews:


Great Point!!

Great point, Brandyn, I couldn't agree more with this.  I've been thinking the same thing all year, lol.  Smart move by Vick!

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