Fashion Offense: Bless Eli Manning's Heart

Football season starts tomorrow (woot!). Time to sharpen those mock-your-rival-team skills.

Being an Eagles fan, the Giants are among the my most hated teams. I revel in the Giants' misery. And, more than anything else, I laugh at their quarterback. 

The Giants give all opponents the easy comedic target of Eli Manning. Many times when watching Giants' games I have to bite my tongue so that I can stop being mean to Eli.

Unlike Tom Brady, I don't think that Eli Manning is a bad person. He's probably a really nice guy. But he is just so Eli that you can't help but pick on him.

He's almost 30 years old and looks 10. His facial expressions are...special. And he just refuses to get a clue about fashion, which is why he keeps making his way onto The Sports Muse.

A few weeks ago, Manning appeared with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez at an event. Very casual. But Eli appeared in his jersey tucked in to freshly pressed khakis.

Picture courtesy of Busted Coverage

If I wasn't so busy laughing at him I would almost find this precious.Look at Eli looking all well-behaved and studious on the right. And notice how the other players seemed to have gotten the memo about how to wear their jerseys casually without looking like giant dorks.

Oh, Eli. Bless your clueless heart. 

The caption in my head for this photo is too mean to write, so you can just guess pick your own

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