Fashion Offense: Howard Eskin

The clock neared time for kick off. Anticipation in the stadium grew. Fans were eager to see the stars of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts teams take the field. Then this fool strolls across the grass in his big a** fur coat.

Yes, flamboyant Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin. I never noticed it until now, but he looks EXACTLY like the king in the Burger King ads. This is not a compliment. That thing is creepy as hell.

To be honest, I barely know why Howard Eskin is famous.I know I've seen him on local TV shows and heard him on the radio. And each and every time he annoys me. He reeks of arrogance for very little reason, and I generally disagree with his points.

Then there is the coat. My God, the coat. There are some men out there who could pull it off. I'm not sure who, but I know that there are 2 out of a global population of over 7 billion. Incidentally, neither individual is named Howard Eskin. Dear sir, go get yourself a nice, sophisticated trench coat. I trust you can find one with a bit of flash--no need to stifle your personality. You can ever get a fur collar! But this mink/chinchilla/whatever mix is simply horrific. I'm not typically for PETA assaulting people with red paint, but in this case it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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