Fashion Offense: LeBron James' Louis Vuitton Bag Is Nicer Than Yours

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So, there are a few positives I can hand to the Miami Heat's LeBron James about his accessorizing before Sunday's game against the Lakers.

First, though I'm not typically impressed by labels, a Louis Vuitton bag is inherently impressive. Especially when you know it's a real one. We know that LBJ has no need for a knock-off.

The second plus is that clearly LeBron is comfortable with his masculinity. It's not every man comfortable enough to carry a purse. Especially not a little, ity-bity tiny one.

Which brings us to a negative. I'm a woman and I don't carry purses this small. Seriously, LeBron?

If you truly have so much to carry that it doesn't fit into your pockets, how about a messenger bag? Even a satchel? Carrying a bag that is damn near to being a clutch is...well, it's quite special.

But, if the LeBron is going to carry a purse, he picked the perfect leather blazer to match it. It's like buttah. Too bad the tiny purse matched against the giantness of LeBron takes away from the overall look and makes it all just appear incredibly strange.

Oh, LeBron. I'd really love to know what was going on inside of your head when you thought this one up. Or...not.

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