Fashion Offense: NBA Stilettos

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The sports world is constantly trying to figure out how to branch into the world of fashion just enough to capture the interest of their female fans and maybe, just maybe, attract some new ones.

Well, I can tell you this right now. The NBA has not figured out how to achieve this balance with their new NBA stilettos.

I love fashion. I love shoes. I love sports. And I am not sold. So I'm not sure who the target market is here. Hmm...perhaps people without fashion sense who are attracted to gaudy designs at an inflated price?

This is me, trying to hold back on how I really feel.

I mean, I love sparkle, but shoes bedazzled with a team's logo (see photo below)? Riddle me this, NBA: Where does one even wear such a thing? At a game you'll fall down the stands. And on the streets you'll look like a mad woman.

Let your team spirit sparkle and shine!/Image via

Prices start at $99.99 (what?!) and go to $274.99 (what what WHAT??) for the sparkling madness you see above. The description of the shoes is almost better than the design: "Utterly captivating, Limited Edition, authentic HERSTAR™ Custom Crystal Pumps representing the Miami Heat. Encrusted, dazzling, and intensely mesmerizing with every step, these elite pumps command a presence of their own."

That is intense. And mesmorizing.

If, somehow, you have been unaffected by my comments and want to purchase these shoes, you can do so by visiting

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