Fashion Offense: Peyton Manning's Plaids

Like so many football fans across America, I am thrilled at Peyton Manning’s return to the football field after being sidelined for the entire 2011 season.  The red mark on his forehead is back and all is right in the NFL universe.

After Denver’s preseason loss against Seattle on Saturday, we now know that Manning can take a hit and keep on moving. The league’s only 4-time MVP is healthy, which allows us to steer the conversation to another area of concern: his fashion choices.

Manning will never win any “best dressed awards” and he doesn’t have to. His job is to win football games. But Peyton’s rehab routine must have included a checklist to buy bad plaid jackets because that’s the only plausible explanation for the look below, which Manning wore to a Broncos’ kickoff luncheon.

He gets bonus points for finding a jacket that incorporates the Broncos’ orange and blue color scheme.  However, those same points must be taken away because the color palate of Denver’s uniform is not at all attractive and shouldn’t be worn off the field. Manning’s meticulous game preparation is exactly where his focus should be. This is why he should delegate his fashion choices to a trusted family member or person on staff. Or, give me a call and we can discuss rates.

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