Fashion Offense: Rocking the Onesie in New England

Lord, Lord. Image via Larry Brown Sports

What in the world is going on in New England?

It looks like the Patriots’ running backs are taking their fashion cues from their coach, Bill "Evil Genius" Belichick, who believes that haute couture is cutting the sleeves off of hoodies- so that the raw edges of the sleeves yield edgey, one-of-a-kind creations.

Le sigh.

Why stop at hoodies? Fully recreate the wonder of childhood style by reverting to a onesie!

Running back Shane Vareen showed off the look worn by he and his fellow backs via Instagram. The onesies were snagged by Stevan Ridley, who has friends in high places. Okay, fine, perhaps that’s overstating it. Ridley has friends at a brand looking to market onesies to grown folk.

Said Ridley of the male bonding exercise,

“It’s just kind of a small joke to try and get some smiles on faces around the locker room,” Ridley said, per the Boston Herald. “It’s a team thing. I tried to get my running backs coach (Ivan Fears) one but he wasn’t going for it. The running backs pulled together as a unit and like Bill (Belichick) says, it’s all about the team. I can’t be the only one, so I had to get the rest involved."

Yay team unity and all that, but if your teammates jumped off a bridge, would you?

That said, the looks from California Christiania Republic look very warm and cozy for fall and winter. But some things need to stay within the confines of your home.

h/t Larry Brown Sports

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