Fashion Offense: UGG Tom Brady

While watching a game I don't care to speak of ever again this past weekend, I decided that I needed to hate San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers more and lay off Tom Brady for a bit. As soon as I made this decision, news of Brady going to a hair clinic to investigate options for hair plugs hit the internet. I was nice. I said nothing about how the thought of a balding Tom Brady filled my heart with happiness and light. But I am only human. When news broke that Tom Brady was the new face and feet for UGG Australia, the snarky comments began writing themselves. Let's stop for a moment and take inventory of the manly NFL quarterback, shall we?

Girl hair - check
Girl voice - check
Non-European man wearing scarves as an accessory, not for warmth - check
Endorsement of women's shoes - check

To put it another way, Tom Brady has admitted to wearing these:

Photo: X17

Wikipedia purports that UGGs are unisex. Let's be honest. They're not. I don't care if you are an elite athlete. Wearing the footwear of choice for college girls around the United States is simply not okay. In fact, I think this needs to be raised to the level of a Fashion Offense.

Photo: X17

How do much do you want to bet that he is wearing UGGs in this photo?

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