Finding the Perfect Pair of Pants: You Will Not Destroy Me, Horrible Women's Sizing!

I am certainly not the first to say it, but the sentiment proves its truth each and every time I go shopping, particularly for pants: The fashion industry aims to keep women neurotic. This is the only possible explanation for the wild inconsistency in sizing from brand to brand, and even within brands across styles. Yes, women's sizing is necessarily more difficult than men's because there are more variables to take into account. But seriously. This doesn't begin to explain why the sizing of women's clothing is so dreadful.

On the same visit to Target that caused horror of another kind,  I tried on 5 pairs of pants. Not a single pair worked. 1 pair wouldn't even fit over my thighs. Two technically fit, but were a tad too tight. The other two pairs were too big. Again, all pants were the same size (and 4 of the 5 were the same brand). Lest you try to claim that this is because Target clothing is inexpensive and such things wouldn't happen with higher end brands, you clearly have never endured the pain of being a woman looking for pants.

This summer I discovered a style of pant that fit me like a glove, the Jackson fit from Banana Republic. I soon found out that this fit was being discontinued, but that is a pain we won't get into right now. Wanting to not just get 3 pairs of the same pant in black (which is exactly what I did), I tried on the few other colors of the style I could find. Wouldn't you know that none a one of them fit the same. Really? Really??!!

There is just no logical or acceptable excuse for this. Has every brand I've ever tried just have pattern makers that have no idea what they're doing, thus accounting for the major variations between pants of the same size? Yes, several brands now have different cuts in the same size to try to account for different shapes, but how can one Jackson fit in one size fit and another, in exactly the same size, not? It is a conspiracy, I tell you.

It seems to me that it's not possible that everyone in fashion is an incompetent boob. If there was enough motivation, brands and manufacturers could easily become more consistent in their sizing. But there is no motivation for them to do so. I would submit that this is because the current system is working quite nicely--having a difficult time with sizing ensures you'll be in more stores for longer periods of time.

Perhaps this makes other women buy more things they weren't looking for out of frustration. But it doesn't work that way with me, dear fashion industry. I am loyal to those that create what I want and need. If no one creates it, yes, I'll try other stores until I can find what I need, but I will not buy other things to fill the void of not being able to find pants. Instead, I seethe and sulk and curse those that can't seem to put out a pants that don't work for me in any way, shape or form.

 I have plenty of other reasons to be neurotic, I'm not going to let this one drive me insane.

UPDATE: I FOUND PANTS!! The Gap's Perfect trouser. I've seen ads for it and thought, perfect fit my a**. But, I felt like taking a different route to the subway, saw a sign that all pants were on sale for $35, and decided to give the pants a try. They fit LIKE A GLOVE! I have already checked to see if there are more colors online, but no such luck. For now, I will rock my charcoal gray and navy pinstripe perfect fit trousers with pride and joy. See? I prevailed. Bronzey - 2, women's fashion industry - 0!

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