Freddie Mitchell's Face When Called Out on a First Date for Not Paying Child Support? Priceless.

Photo One of my all time favorite Freddie Mitchell looks.

If you've followed the Philadelphia Eagles for the past decade, you know about Freddie Mitchell. I'm pretty sure that you've tried to forget about him, but he just won't go away. The self-designated "People's Champ" will never, ever, stop talking about how he for once did his job and capitalized on a pass thrown his way on that famous 4 and 26 opportunity when he was a wide receiver with the team.

Freddie was in the national spotlight once again last week with his appearance on the Bravo reality show "Millionaire Matchmaker." It was my first time viewing the program, and I don't plan to watch it again. There is no way that they can top this episode so why bother? I was mildly curious about seeing the show when I heard that Mitchell would be on, but made it my mission to catch a rerun after witnessing the reactions of other sports bloggers on Twitter when the show broadcast. What could be so shockingly hilarious?

First, let's start with what we're all thinking. Freddie Mitchell still has a million dollars? Evidently. He is currently a venture capitalist that has about 5 million dollars to his name. Interesting. Second, Fred Ex has been out of the NFL for 4 years, yet said on the show that he's "thinking about" coming back. Um, I was not aware that things worked that way in the National Football League, but what do I know? Pretty sure he's been out for four years because no one in the NFL will have him, but let the man dream.

The first several minutes into "Millionaire Matchmaker" had me in mild shock. The personalities of the matchmaker and her colleagues, the cattle--er, casting calls to supposedly identify people who aren't money grubbers, the fact that Freddie Mitchell still has a million dollars. I was deeply amused when Freddie said that he likes white and Latino women, yet the matchmaker still threw a black woman into the casting mix for good measure. For what reason I will never know, but it amused me greatly.

Fast forward to one of the best moments in reality TV history. Freddie is on a date with his selection, a down to earth blonde former cheerleader. After a helicopter ride over New York City, they are in a a limo en route to the second part of their date. While making idle chit-chat, the woman asks Freddie an important question. I shall paraphrase.

"I googled your name...I'm a single mom and just need to be sure that everything's okay for my kid. I just wanted to ask're a millionaire and everything, but I found that you weren't paying child support. I didn't want to assume anything so wanted to hear your side of it."

If you catch a rerun of this show you MUST watch it simply to see the reaction on Fred Ex's face at this very moment. It was so spectacular that MasterCard needs to put THAT in one of their "priceless" commercials. 

Somehow the Matchmaker thought that the woman was wrong to bring this up on a first date. It relates to money and shows gold digger potential, she said. I think it shows that she's smart and savvy and will find someone far better in her future than a man pretending he has a chance at an NFL return.

Though not THE clip, here's a clip of the show so you can begin to understand my initial shock. Freddie Mitchell had to be told that you don't give women money or credit cards?!


Where do I begin...

Ok... First of all, I had the same reaction: I seriously doubt that Freddie Mitchell still has a million dollars. And I don't know if you're truly a venture capitalist if all you did was try to open a BBQ restaurant that failed. But I digress...

The Matchmaker - Patty - always throws in some random person who doesn't fit your race criteria, but seems like a good fit otherwise. That being said, there was no way Freddie was picking the black woman. None. Zero.

And I agree: Freddie's reaction to the child support question is HI-larious. You can't write better stuff than that. Personally, I think the question was out of bounds myself, but he was HEATED, and I found that quite amusing.

I wonder...

....if women are more apt to think, "You go, girl," to the child support question being brought up. But we all know that it made for great TV, so hats off to that woman!

The token race girl is cracking me up. I MAY have the peep the show once more just to giggle at that.

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