Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Acid Wash Jeans

A visit to Target this Labor Day weekend led to no success in the primary purpose of my visit-- my apparently never ending quest for great fitting pants. The awful fit and sizing of women's clothing is a topic for another post (coming soon!), but today I wanted to share with you some of the horrors I witnessed on that trip. Over the past few years I have seen retailers bit by bit try to convince consumers that a return to acid wash jeans is a smart, hip, and modern choice. But those were, thankfully, weak attempts, and consumers did not take the bait. However, the visit to Target was tremendously disturbing because it seemed acid wash jeans outnumbered other washes. It was almost to the point that it could be a challenge to find normal jeans. Target, you are better than this! If you lived through acid wash jeans the first time around you will understand the urgency of this issue--it is darned near a matter of national security. It is not safe for everyone to be blinded by people's ugly attire.  If you love your daughters, friends and girlfriends, you CANNOT let them purchase these monstrosities,  let alone wear them. I give you a photo essay to convey the horror:



Acid wash AND a "jegging." Why God why?

Make it stop!

There are no words to describe this horror.

I am going to crawl into bed and stay in fetal position until I am assured that this trend has passed and every single pair of these monstrosities has been destroyed.



WHO would create a skinny cut jean, highlighting every problem area through spot acid wash?  Who is this person?  They should hiding in the fetal position, awaiting their imminent demise at the hands of all of us...


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