Girl Crush: Hope Solo


I have a crush. No, not on a football or baseball player. This time it's on a soccer player. A female one, in fact.

My crush is a girl crush on the goalie of the Women's US Soccer team, Hope Solo. I'm not very different from anyone in America in this regard, male or female. Take one look at Solo and you're sold.

Americans aren't the only ones smitten with Solo. She has a bit of a Latin American following as well. Specifically in Brazil. Though the US Women's Soccer team beat Brazil on Sunday due in no small part to Solo's efforts to prevent penalty kicks from that team in Sunday's game, their media was more interested in talking about her looks. As an Atlantic Wire headline proclaims, "Brazil Didn't Mind Losing to the U.S. Women Because the Goalie's Hot."
That's an interesting take on things. You know you're hot when a team loses to yours but the media of the losing team fawns over the victor because, well, they're nice looking.

When I admire a nice looking male athlete, he is added to my list of baseball/football/whichever sport boyfriends.  For my girl crush on Solo, I resent the heck out of her for looking so gorgeous naturally and even while sweaty. That's just ridiculous. But she's so darned pretty and likeable and talented and...non-hateable. Damn her.

If you're among the 5 people in the country not yet crushing on Ms. Solo, you just wait. The US plays again Wednesday versus France at noon EST.

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