Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to the readers of The Sports Muse. Enjoy this time of family and food and take time out to count your blessings. And watch some football.

Today's lineup:

12:30 pm on CBS: 8-2 New England Patriots versus the 2-8 Detroit Lions.

I know it's terribly unlikely, but I like the Lions, there are rumblings of Tom Brady not playing due to soreness in his foot...Lions for a Thanksgiving upset? 

Hope they win: Detroit

4:05 pm on Fox: 7-3 New Orleans Saints versus the 3-7 Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have been a mess this season but have showed some fight since the firing of coach Wade Phillips. Come back stories are nice, unless the Cowboys are involved.

Hope they win: Saints. I would like to point out how much it hurts me as a Colts fan to write that.

8:20 pm on NFL Network: 2-8 Cincinatti Bengals versus the 8-2 New York Jets

Of all the Turkey Day games, I think this has the biggest potential to be a monumental butt whooping on the part of the Jets. The newly engaged and always distracted Chad Ochocinco and the always obnoxious and inappropriate Terrell Owens face Rex Ryan, the loudest coach in the NFL. And one of the League's prettiest quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez.

Hope they win: Jets




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