Hearts Still A-Bleedin in Denver and Indy

Three months have passed since the order of the NFL universe was altered when the Indianapolis Colts cut their quarterback of 14 seasons, Peyton Manning, and he found a new home in Denver with the Broncos. The ripple effect of the signing was that the beloved Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets.

Peyton no longer in royal blue and now having the red mark always left on his forehead from his helmet accented by orange? The devout Tebow now calling the din of sin that is New York his home (and renaming his dog to boot)?

It's enough to make your head spin, really. The connection you form with the team you root for is a very real, very emotional one. And it's been gut-check time for fans of the Colts and Broncos, Manning and Tebow to figure out where their devotion lies--with the quarterback or the team?

Enter the incredibly well-done video on the situation, "Some QB I Used To Know,” a parady of Gotye's song and video for "Somebody I Used to Know."

 Is it wrong that I like this version more than the original video? 

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