How 3 Photos Make Me Less Terrified of the Saints v. Colts SNF Matchup

The 2011 NFL season is showing us just how much the Indianapolis Colts need Peyton Manning. In light of Manning's absence from the field, the team is a head-shaking 0-6. Taking a look at their schedule, it's hard to know when--or if--the team will get their first win.

Being a Colts fan outside of the Midwest can be a challenge, as their games are rarely shown in the Northeast. The good news on that front: is this They play a nationally televised Sunday Night Football game tomorrow night. The bad news: It is against the New Orleans Saints team that defeated them in the Super Bowl in 2010 (no, not over it yet) and currently sits at 4-2.

Frankly, I have been terrified to watch this game. Until I saw these photos, courtesy of the SNF on NBC folk.

Austin Collie, who I refer to as Hot Mormon. I think you can see why.

I've seen better hair cuts on Dallas Clark, but he is still gorgeous.

Dwight Freeney. Whoo-whee.

Call me shallow (because I am), but suddenly I feel like everything will be just fine.

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