I Pity The Fool: Tom Brady, Face of UGG for Men

Tom Brady for UGG for Men. Please don't get me started.

I don't know about you, but Tuesday mornings are often worse than Mondays for me. Monday is like some sort of sick joke--a fluke. That's how my mind thinks of it, at least. But on Tuesday, I realize I'm in this thing for 4 more days. And my body is not happy--and my mood--are not happy about it.

Pair this realization with the overdose of Tom Brady I was met with this morning. I had to find a picture of him for a post. About that: Go Google "Tom Brady." It take you 3 pages to find a picture of him playing football rather than modeling or philandering with various women. Blech.

This morning almost made painfully clear that, without Peyton for most (or any) of the season to check the unending fawning over Brady to which the media is prone, this is going to be a really tough football season for yours truly.

As if all of this isn't enough, I see a clip of Brady's Monday Night Football postgame press conference. Do you know who Tom Brady looks like these days? Vampire Lestat. The Tom Cruise version. Go, take a look. I'll wait. You can find him at about the 1 minute mark.

See? Does The Sports Muse lie?

This day of days ends with the grand finale of awfulness. THIS thing.

Fine, it's not as bad as I'd envisioned when I first heard that Brady would endorse UGGS. I pictured him in sweatpants with "Juicy" written across his bottom, tucked into his fluffly UGG boots. But still.

Everything about this commercial makes me uncomfortable. Let's start with the music. I suppose the reasoning behind the selection of this particular tune is to make up for the fact that it was a commercial about a man wearing UGGs.

Sorry, kids. That point is not lost on me.

And what's up with the strange, jarring camera work? I'm already upset that you're forcing me to watch Tom Brady. Do I really need to endure more trauma?

Then that creepy look at the end. Excuse me while I go shower. I feel dirty.

I have been unusually harsh this post, I realize, so I will say something nice about Mr. Dou--err, Brady. His hair...is not in that stupid nubby ponytail. Or the headband look.

Some dude, somewhere, will think that this commercial is the epitome of cool and invest in 5 pairs of UGGS for Men.

I pity the fool.

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