It's a Wrap! Final Thoughts on Philly Beer Week 2010

I am fully recovered and sufficiently detoxed from this year's Philly Beer Week. If you couldn't tell from my previous entry, I had a great time and and enjoyed a variety of events featuring different breweries. The other events attended were (continued from previous entry):

5. Sly Fox BBQ Night at the P.O.P.E. - Tuesday, June 8

Attendance at this event caused me to joke that I should just rename Philly Beer Week "P.O.P.E. Beer Week." I can't help that they had so many great events. Had a delicious barbecue sandwich while enjoying great company and some great Sly Fox brews, pretty much as the title of the event would imply. And met a new but, of course, fabulous waitress. How do they do it?!

6. Lefthand Lumberjack Night at South Philly Taproom - Tuesday, June 8

About 10 minutes away from the P.O.P.E. is the South Philly Taproom. It is a great place that has a delicious menu with unique options and an extensive beer list. I don't get here nearly enough so was glad that the evening took us in this direction. I was still full from my food from the P.O.P.E., but enjoyed a corner of a new friend's fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It may sound a bit strange, but it was amazing!

Unfortunately, overall I didn't do the best job of keeping track of the drinks that I sampled on this night. I will note that I must improve on this for next time. I only stayed to enjoy one Lefthand Lumberjack beer but whatever it's name, it was delightful.

7. Christ Church Burial Ground Brew 'n History - Thursday, June 10

My husband and I wanted to be sure to get one of these before the end of Beer Week--they were held every week day. Glad we made it happen. The tour was a creative idea and it forced us to get out and explore more of Philadelphia's history. Neither of us had been to the Christ Church Burial Ground before and did not realize that Ben Franklin is buried there. Additionally, 4 signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried there. Admission is only $2--you should check it out if you find yourself with a bit of spare time in Old City.

The tour talked about the relationship that the founders of this country had with beer. We learned that the water in Philadelphia in colonial times was undrinkable (somehow I find that easy to believe) so turning it into beer for safer consumption was recommended. We also learned of relationships that some in the cemetery have with current well known beers, such as the grandfather of the founder of Heineken beer.

$2 well spent on history and beer!

After the tour, we proceeded to our 8th and last event of Beer Week.

8. Avery After Delight at Eulogy Belgian Tavern - Thursday June 10

Eulogy is a wonderful place and for some reason it had been years since we had last been. In addition to trying new brews, Philly Beer Week proved to be a great time to reconnect with some of our favorite places from the past. We of course had to get some of their delicious food to soak up the delicious and strong Avery brews. I know the names of the ones we tried, as they aren't easy to forget! First up was Meth Addict, a 15% beer. Wooo-whee! The taste was rich and delicious. If the name didn't tip you off to it's strength, the first sip certainly did. But I had to soldier on. After my burger and a glass of water, it was time to try Avery brew #3--Beast. This one was between 15-18% alcohol. Amazing. I would have it again, but overall I enjoyed the taste of Meth Addict more.

We started Philly Beer Week with a bang but petered out towards the end but overall thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My only regret is that we didn't get to 2 places I've wanted to get to for a while, Memphis Taproom and The Institute Bar. But there is always next year! The extent and variety of options throughout the week in and around the city was nothing short of amazing and I hope that this annual event will become one of the many fantastic things for which Philadelphia is known.

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