The King James versus Cleveland Saga Continues

The good news about the end of the football season is that the NFL isn't the only league chock full o' crazy this season. The NBA's  drama started before the season even began, with LeBron's Decision. Actually, Lebron, the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers have accounted for a good 50% of the NBA's drama. And that is a mild estimate.

Basketball season started, and you thought the Lebron v. Cavs drama would end. Or at least subside. Wrong. Lebron returned to Cleveland and delivered the Cavs an a**whooping. That would end it, right? Wrong.

The tit for tat between Lebron and the Cavs will go through the remainder of the season and beyond. A few days ago, the Cavs changed their hotel so they wouldn't be at the same hotel as the Heat. Seriously? Can we at least TRY to grow up? And people try to pin this kind of pettiness on women.

Last night versus the Lakers, the Cavs received what may be the butt whupping of the new(ish) century in professional sports. They lost to the LA Lakers 112-57. 57 points TOTAL by Cleveland. That's the least the Cavs have ever scored in a game.

As if that loss didn't say enough, it seems that King James took to his Twitter account to comment on his former team's woes:

@KingJames: Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

Photo: King James the Villain?

The Heat are doing incredibly well this season and the Cavs are not. The back and forth isn't going to change that. But as long as they choose to play out this saga in a public forum, I will happily watch the drama and dysfunction play out and chuckle.

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