LA Has Changed Steve Nash

The old Steve Nash. Image via ProBasketballTalk

This was Steve Nash before he signed with the Lakers and was forever changed by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

For much of his long career in the in the NBA, Nash played for the Phoenix Suns. He was known for  his incredible play on the court. The words “fashion” or “style” were never mentioned alongside his name, and rightly so. His look was always more functional than anything else, his signature being longer hair that often looked a little grimy (but hey, that’s what sweat does to ya).

Fast forward to 2012. 38-year old Nash signs with the Los Angeles Lakes, joining forces with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace. With all of the attention the Lakers receive, you have to look the part.It is Hollywood, after all.

And this is Steve Nash now.

It could be argued that Nash went a little overboad as he arrived for the team’s season opener on Tuesday night but his look (above) certainly made a splash. Donning a peach v-neck sweater with a white collared shirt underneath highlighted by a navy blue bow-tie with red polka dots, Steve Nash the Los Angeles Laker had arrived. The piece de resistance of his look was his Louis Vuitton man bag, clutched to his side.

Incidentally, teammate Bryant also brought a purse with him on opening night. A guy’s gotta have somewhere to put his keys and lipglo---um, whatever goodies men need to carry around with them.

A new era in the style diaries of Steve Nash has arrived. As he now has his teammates and all of the celebrities filling LA to contend with in terms of his fashion, expect many more noteworthy (or eye-raising) looks from the player.

Even Nash's official NBA picture is glam

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