LeBron James' Mother is Insane

Mrs. James enjoying a rare moment of calm

I think it's time for all of the LeBron haters to let up on him for a little bit. Yes, he deserves much of the ill-will he receives because of his often thoughtless, selfish, and immature behavior. But I'm beginning to understand more about the root cause of his issues.

That root cause is his mama. A crazy mama is a hard thing to overcome. After learning a bit about Mrs. James over the past few days, I am impressed that LeBron's issues have not included those of a legal kind on a near daily basis.

The past few days, the mother of the Miami Heat star has been in the headlines more than her son, for behavior much worse than that of her son. LeBron's mom, Gloria James, seems to be a little unhinged. To put it mildly.

Mrs. James was arrested after slapping a valet in Miami Beach. You know an incident an incident is bad if you have a favorite part of the police report. Here is mine, courtesy of Black Sports Online:

"Then for no apparent reason the arrestee struck the victim with an open hand across the right side of his face and in the process causing herself to lose balance and falling to the ground."

Two words: Hot. Mess.

Unfortunately for LeBron, this isn't the first time his mom's been in trouble. Footage of a 2007 arrest of Mrs. James has been released, as well as LeBron's mama losing it at one one of LeBron's high school game in 2002. 

Seeing this footage makes me surprised that the only issue with LeBron is that he's a bit full of himself. Here is video of LeBron answering questions about his mother's arrest. He addressed what has to be a difficult and embarrassing situation incredibly well.

Here's hoping that Mama LeBron can stay out of trouble for at least the next several weeks so her son can fully focus on the playoffs.


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