LeBron James Shows Off His New Nike 10s

LeBron James took to social media to show off one of the spoils of his success. The reward? There are too many to count, but this particular time it was to highlight a sweet, sweet pair of sneaks that is a product of his tenth signature shoe with Nike.

King James debuted a pair of denim Nike 10s featuring leather accents and pink bottoms via his Instagram account on Thursday evening, indicating that they were his footwear of choice for the evening. These wouldn’t work for all, but Bron Bron has a demonstrated knack for style which leaves no doubt that those who saw his denim Nike 10s in the flesh are dying to place their orders.

There is a possibility, though, that they may never get that chance.

According to The Shoe Game,

“the Cork and this Denim version are on a “premium level” when compared to the others. At this point, it’s not confirmed if the Denim LeBron 10 will make it to retail; it’s very possible that this pair was made exclusively for King James. “

But let’s remain hopeful. This shoe is too hot to keep off the shelves.

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