Madonna Expresses Herself In Super Bowl Halftime Show

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We wondered all week what Madonna would show the world during her Super Bowl halftime performance, and now we know.

The staging was bold and dramatic. She invoked images of ancient Rome. Madonna entered the stage on a chariot of sorts, surrounding by men in armor and gold shields.

The next question, of course, is this: What was she was wearing? This was the biggest shock to me. I have never seen Madge dressed so modestly throughout an entire performance. She didn't wear pants (duh), but the over-the-knee black boots and mid-thigh skirt consisted of more material than has covered the Material Girl in years.

And then there was the music. The show opened with "Vogue," and the area beneath the stage revealed aerial shots of imagery featuring lips and classic movie stars. A great selection.

Next was "Music," a high-energy song featuring high energy dance moves, including an acrobat on a high wire.

That's pretty badass right there.

The third song of the set was Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin," featuring MIA and Nicki Minaj, who came along for the show. Perhaps its the newness of the song, but that was the least impressive overall performance of the entire show.

But just you wait--Madge wasn't done. The final song of the night began with a "Open Your Heart"/"Express Yourself" medley, with Cee-Lo Green and a marching band taking the stage.

And then it happen. Madonna granted the one wish of so many fans (me, most importantly) and performed "Like A Prayer" with Green. And get this--she covered herself even more by wearing an appropriately fabulous choir robe. Beams of light shone from behind the stage. It was perfect.

As the song finished, Madonna vanished beneath the stage and the words "WORLD PEACE" written in gold surrounding the stage (note the absence of "Metta" in that message...).

And with that, her performance was done. The halftime show of Super Bowl 46 was in the books. Those who aren't fans weren't won over, but those who are were again reminded why Madonna is one of the best performers of our time.

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