Menu at Mike Vick's Wedding Included Chicken and Waffles. Yeeees.

Kijafa Frink with now-husband Mike Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is now a married man.

Vick married longtime fiancee Kijafa Frink in Miami on Saturday. Security alone for the event was  reported to be a $300,000. The total cost of the affair is not yet known We’re still waiting on photos, but Gossip Extra had a few details from the wedding:

"The Vick party’s vibe was relaxed, with hookahs on the tables and R&B music blaring in the background.

Waiters passed around fruity pink drinks to the gathering of guests — about 300 family members, friends and NFL colleagues of Vick, including running back LeSean McCoy and head coach Andy Reid, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, free agent wide out Plaxico Burress and retired New Orleans Saint Aaron Brooks.

The groom’s party went with a tropical theme, pairing their tuxes with pink and purple shirts, according to a gift shop employee."

That all sounds lovely. But I’m not gonna lie–here is my favorite part:

"On the menu: waffles and chicken!"

Chicken and waffles at a wedding? That may be the best idea ever. Perhaps a bit challenging to eat without making a mess at a formal affair, but I trust that Vick and his guests where able to work it out. Shrimp, oysters and lobsters were also reportedly on the menu.

As you can imagine, security was tight, with cell phones and cameras collected at the door (no leaked  Twitter or Instagram photos? Blast!). The guests have remained tight-lipped about the ceremony and reception, with sources being from the likes of waiters and gift shop employees at the hotel.

Whatever works.

I’m sure the couple is honeymooning somewhere blissful and wonderful and I hope they enjoy themselves to the fullest. Enjoy the relaxation now, Vick–training camp starts in just about three weeks (but who’s counting?)

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