Metrodome Roof Collapses. Anyone Seen Brett Favre?


Brett Favre is looking to preserve the longest streak in the NFL. I know, I know--after Junkgate, hearing the words "Brett Favre" and "streak" make you want to cower in fear. But the streak Favre is seeking to preserve is incredibly impressive, and one actually related to football. Favre currently holds the record for most successive starts in the NFL, standing at 297.This means that since 1992, Brett Favre has not missed a single start to a game. That is no small accomplishment given how violent football can be, even for the well-protected quarterback position.

The fact that this streak continues for Favre, who is now 41, is incredible. It's not that he hasn't been injured--this year his list of injuries (neck, shoulder, ankle) seems to equal the totality of his body. It's the fact that now his ailments are catching up with him. In practice this week Favre didn't throw any passes. That's quite an issue for a quarterback. Yet he still hadn't been ruled out of Sunday's game versus the Giants. But we should all be used to this by now. If it's the 2010 Vikings, and now that Brad Childress is out of the picture, we know that if Brett Favre is involved in a situation nothing is as straight forward as it seems.

This morning news broke that the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis over the Mall of America field (seriously, these names have got to stop) suffered a tear to its inflatable roof due to heavy snowfall. But this little snafu meant that the NFL had to scramble to figure out 1) Where the Vikings and the Giants will play their game, which was originally scheduled for early Sunday afternoon; and 2) When the game will take place.

Footage from inside the Metrodome as the roof collapses:

The "when" was already an issue. The New York Giants attempted to make it to Minneapolis on Saturday but were rerouted to Kansas City due to the weather. And that's where they remain. Due to the travel difficulties, the game was rescheduled for Monday night. With the new challenge of the Metrodome roof, however, the game start time and date was up in the air. If the game were played at nearby University of Minnesota field, both teams would have to deal with the brutal Minnesota elements. Favre's old bones don't perform well in the extreme weather, should he start, and the Giants didn't bring any of their outdoor gear. Gulp.

At around noon EST the decision was reached: The Giants-Vikings game would take place on Monday, December 13 at 7:20 pm on Fox. With tumultuous weather throughout the Midwest today don't be surprised if both the Vikings and the Giants encounter some additional challenges trying to make it to Detroit.

And what of Favre's streak? By his own admission, if the Giants-Vikings matchup had taken place today, Favre wouldn't have started. But now, he is getting another 31 hours to rest his battered body. Which is like another week in football time. This strange set of circumstances may serve to help Brett Favre further cement his place in the record books. Are we sure just how those tears got in the roof of the Metrodome?.

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