Motown Cures All

Picture it: Philadelphia. 2010. It's the busiest time of year for our young (shut it) heroine, and she is feeling the stress. Several times during the day she wished that shedding a tear would solve her woes. But they would not. So she soldiered on. To add to the misery, the day was filled with tornado watches and flood warnings--simply put, absolutely miserable. She felt tired and defeated.

Finally, it was the end of the day. All she wanted to do was go home to escape the wind and rain. But alas, it was the end of the month and she had to purchase a bus pass for the coming month (yes, muses ride public transit). She dreaded the throngs of people that would join her in this task.

She arrived at the station. The lines were not long. She heard the sound of music--someone singing over or with a recording. A recording of good old Motown music. She saw the performer, surrounded by tens of people recording his performance, bopping their heads, and clearly enjoying themselves. Ten of Philadelphians who probably arrived at the station in a foul mood, like our heroine. But they were transformed by the music. Their moods were lifted by the smooth, uplifting melodies of Motown.

Ms. Muse joined the line to purchase her pass. The line moved swiftly. She went back to hear more of the sweet music and thank the man who reminded her of an important life lesson: Motown music can and will soothe all that ails you.


 Ah. Greed.

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