New England Patriots and New York Giants to Pay Tribute to Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

Image via Adam Schefter on Facebook

For many, sports are an escape from the realities of everyday life. But every so often, something happens in the real world that the sports world can’t ignore. Some situations call for our collective, undivided attention.

One such event occurred on Friday, when a crazed gunman murdered 26 people, including 20 children ages six and seven at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. When a situation causes the President of the United States to wipe away tears during his address to the country, you  have a national tragedy that cannot be ignored.

As a nation struggles to understand the evil that murdered innocent children and educators, the sports world is playing a small roll in showing its support to the victims and traumatized community.

This Sunday, all NFL games will have a moment of silence to remember the victims of Sandy Hook. In particular, the New England Patriots will wear black ribbon logos to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting. The organization will also light 26 white flares during a moment of silence that will be held on the field.

The New York Giants will also honor the community of Sandy Hook. Players helmets will feature the initials “S.H.E.S.” for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A classy move on the part of the NFL and especially from both the Giants and Patriots organizations in recognizing that some things are far bigger than a game.

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