The New Look of the NFL?

We may be seeing the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. And that future is green, silver, and slick. A photo of what is purported to be the new uniform for the team when Nike takes over the contract for NFL uniforms in 2012 has emerged, possibly providing a glimpse into the future outfit for the team.

If the uniform is the real thing and not a photoshopped fake, it is hardly surprising. Sure, it’s a dramatic departure from what is currently worn by the Birds or any other NFL team, but Nike will want to make a bold statement with an entirely different look and feel to the uniforms. This could indeed be what the Eagles will wear on the field in 2012. The rendering doesn’t look very different from some of the famously awful outfits of the Oregon Ducks.

Speaking of the Ducks, will every team named after a bird be cursed with the image of wings portrayed on the shoulders of the uniform? If that’s the case, then it’s an upsetting reality.

Both Nike and the NFL deny that the potentially leaked photo is real. Not surprising. There could be a flood of fake pictures of the new uniforms as the time nears for the official versions to be revealed.

What will players think of the new look? It doesn’t matter–they don’t have any say in the matter. Fans don’t either, but we’re incredibly good at giving our opinions, whether they matter or not. Whether or not this is what the Philadelphia Eagles will wear in 2012 and beyond, in the wake of CBA negotiations it’s nice to focus for a few minutes on something lighter.

If this is indeed the future for the Eagles, what are your thoughts on the uniform?


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