Opening Sunday and I'm 0 for 2

I have spent most of this day watching football. Both teams I was pulling for lost--the Colts and Eagles. One more game to go--Redskins versus Cowboys (gotta cheer for Donovan). Following 3 teams may damn well kill me this season. I don't know how I'm going to sustain this. I was emotionally drained after the Colts game and had a headache after so much screaming, then on to the Eagles at 4:15. Now the Redskins at 8. I am turning into a dude.

The day also served as a reminder of football's brutality. It's a miracle that there are enough players that remain uninjured at the end of the season to even go to the playoffs. The Eagles season opener was marred by heart breaking injuries. The game versus Green Bay saw quarterback Kevin Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley leave the games with concussions. Fullback Leonard Weaver officially has an injured knee, but it looked like his injury may be much worse. Center Jamaal Jackson tore his tricep and is out for the season. Mad props go out to the mamas that see their sons play football and fear for their safety game after game.

Any player injured is upsetting to see, but it is especially upset when it is players that I follow on Twitter. Rightly or wrongly, you feel like you have a bit of insight into their lives off the field. That you know a little bit more about their personalities. Stewart Bradley tweeted about his excitement of the season opening this morning. Leonard Weaver has been tweeting about his new puppy. The day turned out differently than I'm sure either expected.

In case you missed them, here is video of three of the four Eagles injuries.

Stewart Bradley's heart wrenching hit and attempt at recovery: 

Leonard Weaver's injury--not for the faint of heart: 

Kevin Kolb's injury: 

UPDATE: Donovan McNabb and the Redskins won over the Cowboys, so my day did not end in total and complete heartache. The Skins won 13-7 with the overturning of a Cowboys touchdown due to a penalty. The outcome of this game made me happy not just because it marked a win for Donovan McNabb, but because the Cowboys' post game interviews revealed that Dallas QB Tony Romo was quite upset at the nullified TD. Anything that makes Tony Romo unhappy makes me happy.

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