Pay Less, but Not for These

My hard to fit feet mean that I will always have some allegiance to Payless, a store that always stocked my size even when others didn't. Thankfully there are a multitude of options now for those of us who wear bigger shoe sizes. But I always take a peak at what Payless has in stock partially out of habit, partially out of a sense of obligation.

I applaud their efforts in recent years to partner with designers to make their shoes more trendy and desirable. Unfortunately, that has meant that the shoes are no longer in the "pay less" category, but move to the "might as well go to a Ross and get a good pair on sale" range. But again, I still have a look, as there are still deals and some stylish options to be had at Payless.

This post is not about those options. It's about the bad and the ugly discovered on a recent visit to the site. Please take a moment and find appropriate protection to shield your eyes.

What exactly is this?


Not nearly as bad as the items pictured above, but still, I question this choice.

If you are not Lady Gaga, you are not permitted to wear these shoes.



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