Peyton and Eli Manning Add Law Enforcement to Their Resumes

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The Manning brothers have certainly been busy since the NFL lockout. Between both Eli and Peyton adjusting to fatherhood; Peyton being named as a plaintiff in the players' suit against the NFL; recovering from a neck surgery; and Peyton and Eli leading their teams in informal workouts amidst the lockout, I don't think they're getting much of an opportunity to enjoy much time off.  

And that's not all. Add participating in their most elaborate TV spot yet to the mix.Pictures of the siblings in police uniforms were spotted earlier in the month, leading many wondering what on earth was going on.

Now we know. Check out the "Football Cops" trailer from DirecTV.

I love commercials featuring Peyton and Eli, as until recently they proved once again how much better Peyton is than Eli. But I have to hand it to Eli--he's really coming into his own lately in commercials. I must begrudgingly admit that Eli is the more entertaining of the duo in this trailer. As is his mustache.

And you have to commend those special effects. We know that's the only way Eli can make those passes with such precision.

In addition to the trailer, Football Cops has a website: The trailer above is featured as "Episode 1," so expect more bad-mustached goodness to come.

The tagline for the "show"? An appropriately cheesy slogan: "Nobody escapes the long arms of the law."

I'm ending this post before I'm forced to discuss Peyton's hair.

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