RIP Hip Hop

RIP Hip Hop. You will never be forgotten.

It is the end of an era for the Philadelphia 76ers. Yes, yes, there is new ownership, the NBA is in the midst of a lockout—there are a number of issues with which the Sixers are dealing at the moment. But I am not speaking about these matters. I speak of something that goes to the very core of the emotions involved in the 76ers fan experience. 

That would be, of course, Hip Hop, the mascot.

Reports have confirmed that the beloved do-rag wearing rabbit will be replaced with a mascot that is currently TBD.

I know how you feel. Shaken. Shocked. I promise you that we will get through this.

I will never forget the reaction of my sister, who is not at all a sport fan, when learning about the Sixers mascot.

 “That ghetto-looking rabbit is your team’s mascot?”

Yes. Yes he is. And in many ways, he was perfect for this town.

Energetic. Unique. Different. Not quite right. In fact, he was ridiculous. But that was part of the fun.

To ease the news to some of the younger Sixers fans, the organization will state not that Hip Hop has died, but that they aren’t good enough for him to want to be around: “To spare the sensibilities of the one or two children who weren't scared to death by the rabbit, the team will say that Hip Hop fell in love, married and moved away to start a family.”

I really think it would be best just to tell the truth but I’ll leave the parenting decisions to those affected.

Hip Hop never received the respect he deserved in life. A perfect example: He doesn’t even have a proper Wikipedia page.

So perhaps now, in his passing, he can be given due credit. Rest in peace, Hip Hop. We may have questioned your purpose in life, but we only did it because we loved you.

To help ease your pain, remember Hip Hop as he was at his greatest. Here is a video of some of the late great’s antics. 

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