Root for This Man in the World Series

The World Series starts this evening. Sadly, it will not feature the Philadelphia Phillies. Wondering who to root for? Root for this man.

Texas Rangers ace and former Phillie Cliff Lee. Root for him because he is just that good. His ERA during the playoffs is 0.75. Tonight he goes head to head with Tim Lincecum (bleah), whose ERA is a shabby 1.93 ERA in comparison thus far in the post season.

Root for Cliff Lee because he is close to making major league baseball history. He currently has a record 7 straight wins in the MLB playoff games. Tonight he goes for the 8th, which will tie the record.

Root for Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers because you can't cheer for the San Francisco Giants. They may have beat the Phillies in the NLCS, but don't let them win it all. The Texas Rangers have never won a World Series. In fact, this their first appearance in a World Series. If the Phillies can't get the title this year, at least the Rangers have a nice story.

And root for Cliff Lee because this may be among the last one or two games when it is safe to do so. Rumors abound that the Yankees are going to offer Lee an obscene amount of money to join their team. Unfortunately, this will probably come true. Love Cliff Lee as I do, I cannot love a New York Yankee. If and when he signs the ink with the Yankees, Lee will become the enemy.

Finally, root for Cliff Lee because he is devastatingly handsome. His handsomeness is best appreciated outside of a Yankees uniform.

Good luck, Texas Rangers.

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