September's Heating Up

In my ecstasy that was the return of football, I have neglected to write about my beloved Phillies. I am have no excuse. I will try harder. Part of the reason for my silence is the fact that I don't have much that can be put into more than a very few words. I'm excited. The Phillies are yet again rocking in September. Cole Hamels seems to be back to 2008 World Series form. It all seems to have finally come together.

This evening, the Phils won the 2nd of their 3 game series against the Atlanta Braves, who they had to play catch up to for most of the season. The Phillies now lead the Braves in the NL East by five games. The perfect number for the Phillies is 6. In tonight's game, Roy Halladay became the first pitcher on the Phillies since 1982 to reach 20 wins. "Lights Out" Brad Lidge seems to have returned to his reliable form. The stats just keep getting more and more amazing for this team.

I will always, ALWAYS love Cliff Lee and wish that he could still be a part of the Phillies. But you know what? The current pitching rotation seems to have things worked out. To put it mildly. It certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to have Lee on the team, but the Philies seem to have found powerful weapons in the Roys--Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. I just wish that Roy Halladay hadn't been given the same number as Lee.

So, what can I say? I'm excited. I don't want to jinx anything by making any bold predictions, but the Phillies are going to go far this post season. They can stand up to and own just about any team at the moment. It's an exciting time to root for this team.

Let's Go Phillies!

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