Shaq's Halloween Costume

Shaq had fun this Halloween. Anyone who has seen the video of him showing off his costume and Halloween persona can attest to this. Viewers of the clip may now be in a catatonic state after seeing the ginormous, heavily tattooed basketball player dressed up and lip syching as his female alter ego, Shaqeeta, but they are undoubtedly comforted in the knowledge that Shaquille O'Neal had a good Halloween. Perhaps what is most disturbing about this clip is the fact that, um, Shaq kind of did an awesome job in his faux singing and dancing performance. I can't explain it. It's upsetting yet wildly entertaining all at once. I think we know what Shaq will be doing after he retires from the NBA: Changing his name to Shaqeeta and appearing in drag shows across America. Mark my words.


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