Shaq's Retirement Video Shows Just Why We'll Miss Him

Shaquille O'Neal loves his public. That is why he chose to issue the news of his retirement directly to them on Wednesday via Twitter.

Shaq is retiring from the NBA after 19 years. Anyone else feeling old, besides Shaq?

The NBA will not be the same without the big man. He was a literal force in the game, but his personality was somehow bigger than his physical presence. Regardless of where he played or whether he was winning or losing, Shaq brought fun, energy and excitement to everything he did.

No one can replace that smile. Or that bad singing.

In true Shaq fashion, his retirement announcement started normally, then quickly descended into madness. There was singing. And there was Hoopz. I forgot about Hoopz.

Check it out.

There will be a number of tributes to Shaquille O'Neal to commemorate his multitude of accomplishments (did you know that he is the NBA's 5th all-time leading scorer?) over the next weeks and months. As it should be. But for now, I leave you with my favorite/most disturbing recent Shaq moment. Anyone remember his Halloween costume last year?



The best news from this announcement is that Shaq should now have even more time for his randomness and fun.

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