Team USA Opening Ceremony Outfits: You Can Do Better, Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, you can do better.

That is the near-universal response to the unveiling of Team USA's opening ceremony look for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. What is it about patriotism that seems to equate ugliness to designers?

The sportswear icon created a look featuring a blazer that displays the American flag, the Olympic rings and 2014; white pants that appear to be a cross between leggings and sweat pants; a knit cap emblazoned with the same imagery as the blazer and black ski boots with red shoelaces. Lauren, usually known for creating clean, timeless, sophisticated looks, instead seemed to be going for a …busier aesthetic.

The look is certainly hard to forget (though I’m pretty sure we’ll be trying hard to delete the image from our minds).  Hopefully  Team USA athletes will make so it’s their medal count that’s most memorable for America these winter games.

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