Those Orthopedic Looking "Fitness" Shoes

A general rant on these fitness shoes that are showing up everywhere. For both genders, in all brands.They are heinous. Just get your behind to the gym or do a Jillian Michaels workout video and avoid the shoes, please.

Payless again. We're currently fighting. A break up is inevitable if crap like this keeps appearing.

Joe Montana for Skechers. This is what it's come to, Joe? So upsetting.

More from Skechers. Can't imagine why you'd be wearing these unless one leg is markedly shorter than the other.

Skechers once again. Maybe *they* are the real problem. Anyone know a designer there so that we can stage an intervention?

I cannot believe that

I cannot believe that Sketchers has converted the ass shoe to a shoe that looks like well...ass.   

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