Tim Tebow Takes On New York

In perhaps the craziest single day in NFL history, Tim Tebow was traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets, then wasn't, then was again. But for real the second time.

And that was only the second biggest story of the day.

That's right, ladies and gents--Tebow Time is heading to the bright lights of Broadway. The eternally faithful, optimistic and hopeful Tebow will now contend with the mean streets of New York. Bless his heart.

This is going to be good. And by that, I mean a hot mess.

While the Jets are saying that Tebow will be the backup quarterback, you know that there will be drama between pretty boy Mark Sanchez and America's sweetheart Tebow for top billing. Because nothing spells drama like the New York Jets.

Goodbye, Linsanity, hello Timsanity. No town loves to put at the top of the world like New York...and then cackle as it tears you the hell down.

One more cover for you, courtesy of the New York Daily News, because how can there be only for such a momentus occasion? 

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