Tom Brady Actually Amused Me

Like many football fans, I can't stand Tom Brady. He is one of those people that I disliked the moment I saw him. He looks smug. Everything in life has been handed to him because he is handsome (to some) and can throw a football. And he knows it. It makes me ill. And honestly, who can stand him after hearing that the dickweed left Bridget Moynahan while she was pregnant? Hate him. He has a surprisingly unmanly voice. He whines. Then there is the horrid, horrid hair.

I was surprised to find out that Brady at least has a sense of humor about himself. This is evidenced by a bit on ESPN's The Mayne Event, shown during Sunday's New England versus Cleveland game. (By the way, Cleveland won. Hahahaha, Tom Brady). I'll be the first to say it: It's funny. Brady is funny. Justin Bieber? Well, that's another story. 

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