Tom Brady, Your Hair Makes Me Hate You More

Tom Brady said this week that he doesn't like "Hard Knocks" because he doesn't like the New York Jets. My NFL allegiances are with neither team the Patriots nor the Jets, but Brady's dislike of the Jets makes me like them a whole lot more.

Like virtually every other NFL enthusiast who is not a fan of the New England Patriots, I don't like Tom Brady. My dislike for him has more to do with the decisions he's made in his personal life. Like leaving girlfriend while pregnant woman. Also, he just looks like a jerk. This summer, he choice to no longer hide from his douchiness within and announced via his haircut why you should dislike him. Lest you doubt me, witness his horrible 'do:


Did he take a photo of teen sensation Justin Bieber with him to the hair salon?

Not only does Brady look like that awful teen sensation Justin Bieber, but this cut also makes it appear that he has missed an evolutionary step. 

New career?

Looks like Tom Brady is ready to retire from the NFL and audition for the lead role in Zoolander 2.


Something to consider!

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