The Weekend in Sports: NFL Edition

So much football, so little time. As always it was a busy and exciting weekend for NFL action, so let's get to it.

Thursday games:
Not surprisingly, New England beat Detroit 45-24. I did pick the Saint game correctly, though it was a close one:.The Saints squeezed by Dallas 20-17. Lastly, and also not a surprise, the Jets beat the Bengals 26-10.

Sunday games:
Sunday was not a happy day of football in the Sports Muse household. First, the Eagles lost to the Bears 26-31. Then, the Colts got absolutely slayed during Sunday Night Football, losing 36-14. I didn't think a Colts loss could be more upsetting then last week's narrow loss in New England, but I was wrong.

The Minnesota Vikings somehow escaped impending implosion with a 17-13 win over the Redskins. Brett Favre remains standing making the season of another veteran quarterback, Donovan McNabb, suddenly seem worse. My poor Donovan.

Viral video of the week: Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan, defensive back for the Tennessee Titans, got into it and were both ejected from the game. Both players were fined a measly $25,000 by the NFL on Monday.

Monday Night Football: 

Brian Westbrook making it in the endzone. Photo: AP
Generally a game that no one cared about (San Francisco 49ers v. Arizona Cardinals). The 9ers prevailed with a 27-6 victory. The highlight game is that former Eagle Brian Westbrook had a stellar performance--he rushed for 136 yards and had 1 touchdown. It appears that Westbrook may have many more chances to shine, as Frank Gore is out for the remainder of the season with a hip injury.
Only two days 2 recover until Week 13 games, so rest up!


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