Welcome Back, Football

So many reasons to love September--perfect weather, gorgeous blue, cloudless skies...and the return of football. It's been a long, hot, summer, and we have waited long enough.

So many things to love about football--the crush of the helmets, the strength, the strategy. But there are some other aspects of football that add to my level of enjoyment. First, it has the best uniforms of any sport. Baseball has some beautiful players with amazing bodies (here's looking at you, Cliff Lee), but this isn't highlighted by their uniforms, which are generally too baggy. Not so in football. These uniforms--specifically the pants--were made to highlight the tight, toned male frame. Some team colors do this better than others--as a general rule I find that green, tight fitting bottoms are no one's friend. Sorry Green Bay and New York Jets. And sometimes the Eagles. But silver or white bottoms? Have mercy.

Now that I've had a chance to step away and get a cigarette, let's allow the photos do the talking now, shall we?

Happy fall.

I'll always love ya, D McNabb. ((Photo from itiswhatitis.weei.com))

Austin Collie of the Indianapolis Colts. This pose should become a new requisite for all players. (Photo courtesy of colts.come)

The rear view--an integral part of my love of Peyton Manning. And training camp. (photo from sexymenofsports.blogspot.com)

A favorite for many ladies, the Jets' Mark Sanchez (from nj.com)


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