For What It's Werth: Jayson Werth Heads to the Nationals

It's done. Jayson Werth is no longer a Phillie.

Phillies fans feared all year that the team would lose Jayson Werth. Despite mid-season trade rumors, Werth remained a Phillie for the duration of the season. But then we held our breath. Werth wanted money. Could the Phillies hang on to the talented outfielder?

Rumors swirled that Werth would head to the Yankees. Or perhaps the Red Sox. Or even coming back to the Phillies. But Sunday evening the mystery ended. Jayson Werth signed with the Washington Nationals for a 7 year deal worth $126 million, the 13th largest deal in Major League Baseball history.

Can you blame him for taking as much money as he possibly could? Does it show a lack of character that he didn't accept a lower offer from realistic playoff contender?

The reaction from Phillies seems to be that, somehow, this trade doesn't feel as bad as we had envisioned. But seeing him go to the Nationals will not be real a threat to the Phillies.

I do know that Werth was a favorite with the ladies, who will now need to find alternate uses for the variety of Werth t-shirts created over the years (here's looking at you, Suzanne). Good bye Jayson Werth and RIP clever Werth-related Phillies shirts.

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