What They'll Be Wearing: Oregon Ducks Uniforms for BCS Title Game

The Oregon Ducks will take on Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers in the much anticipated BCS Title game this evening. As Oregon is known for its insane uniform combinations, courtesy of Nike, what have they selected to wear for this important appearance?



Ta Da!Overall, a pretty tame look for the team. Your retinas may be burned by the neon socks and shoelaces, but keep your line of vision about players' knees and you should be fine.

My eyes! MY EYES!

Thanks for the warning, Muse.  I know to keep my sunglasses nearby...

You're Welcome

This is important work we're doing here at Sports Muse. Hee hee. Remember, eyes above the knee, above the knee! I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the discussion deciding that color for the socks...

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