What's Old is New Again: The Return of the Fade

Nerlens Noel demonstrates what's old is new again

Style and fashion are like a giant recycling bin.  Every bygone era comes back and repackages itself on the runways. Sometimes the trends catch on to the population at large and mistakes of the past are repeated.

That's right. The ’90 are back again.

If you turn on ESPN lately you would swear it was 1990. Hey, are they interviewing MC Hammer? Nope. Just University of Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel. He’s got a flat top and fade straight out of a Kid 'n Play video.

Noel’s hair has been a story even before his NCAA days, as he announced his college decision by having the University of Kentucky logo shaved into his head.

Image via Larry Brown Sports

Now that’s commitment.

The love of the fade isn’t limited to college sports. Check out the Miami Heat’s Norris Cole also rocking the look.

Image via SB Nation

Can a return to Hammer pants be far off?  One phenomenon from the ‘90s that would be very welcome—a return to good music without auto-tune!

Because  you're now nostalgic, here's a good 'ole "House Party" clip to get you going.

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