Who to Follow on Twitter: Shawn Andrews

If you're not following Shawn Andrews on Twitter (@IMShawnAndrews) already, you need to rectify that situation immediately. If you're not on Twitter, I'm not even sure what to say to you.

Yes, I technically shouldn't like him as much as I do, as the former Eagle is now a member of the blasted New York Giants. But once you have a look at his tweets, you'll forgive him for working for the enemy. He's just too damned funny not to.

Don't be surprised if this post turns into a multi-part series. Yes, yes, I plan to highlight other fantastically entertaining athletes on Twitter, but no--I mean Andrews may have his very own series. He's just that amusing.

His tweets are very heavily focused on food--a 330 pound man's gotta eat, after all--and Andrews creates his own hashtags surrounding food.

Enough with the preface. Let's get to the goods. Some recent favorites from Andrews. The goodness starts with his Twitter bio and goes from there.



@IMShawnAndrews: WOW!!! I received a DM from SMASHBURGER!!! I done died & gone to "FEAVEN"(Food+Heaven)

And, to conclude, I give you perhaps my all-time favorite Andrews tweet:

@IMShawnAndrews: When life hands me Lemons I make Meringue Pie!!!




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