Who Is the Most Dysfunctional NFL Team of 2010?

It's the end of the year, that fun time when you have a chance to look at the year that was. I wanted to hurry up and get this post up before more teams became highly dysfunctional and required a write up--I'm talking to you, New York Jets. It's been an insanely eventful year in the NFL, full of drama, deep dysfunction, and bad coaching. It's a tough call, but you decide: Which NFL team owns the title of Most Dysfunctional Team of 2010? The candidates:

Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow, the Virgin King

Their coach, Josh McDaniels, was fired. A legacy of cheating---err, videotaping was brought with them from the New England Patriots. And they are the proud team of their new starter, "virgin" rookie quarterback Tim Tebow.

Dallas Cowboys


The team reached near implosion in 2010. Quarterback Tony Romo wondered if the team would ever win another game. Then he was injured. Then they lost some more. After reaching an appalling (or amazing, depending on your team preferences) 1-7, head coach Wade Philips was fired. Drama, drama, drama.

 Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre and his icky purple hand. 1 of several reasons Favre should have called it quits long ago.

Brett Favre. Brad Childress. Brett Favre. Brett Favre. Repeat.

Washington Redskins

Donovan McNabb in happier days.

The Redskins have had a rough season, and blame for the team's woes began to be placed on Donovan McNabb by head coach Mike Shanahan and his son Kyle, the team's offensive coordinator. McNabb was benched midway through the season for a variety of made up reasons. Finally, the Shanahans decided to openly and unprofessionally announce their plans to bench McNabb for the last 3 games of the season, with McNabb being the #3 quarterback for the final 2 games. Truly McNabb's fault, or a petty father sticking up for his son? And then there was the constant drama that surrounded Albert Haynesworth...

So you pick--what team is the most dysfunctional in the NFL in 2010? You decide!

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