Who is the NBA's Best Dressed?

Sports Illustrated asked its audience to help select the best dressed player in the NBA from a choice of 5 basketball stars via their Facebook page. I liked the question, but simply filling in a circle didn't capture all that I want to say. You can't limit me to a bubble, SI.com. I must speak!

The nominees, as selected by SI.com are:

Lebron James

Photo: SI.com

I know that only me, LeBron's mama, and perhaps 100 other people still like LeBron James. But I'm a fan. He puts me in touch with the jerk that I would surely be if I had James' fame and fortune. Aside from a misstep every now and then, I think LeBron has a great sense of style. It walks the fine line between conservative and flair exceptionally well. Go 'head, LBJ. Two snaps in a circle *and* in Z formation for Mr. James' fashion flair.

Kobe Bryant

Photo: SI.com

I feel as strongly about Kobe Bryant as I do about Tom Brady. I hate him. It doesn't matter what he wears, I won't like it. I put a picture of the bastard in my post, that's as fair as I'm ever going to be to Bryant. Next.

Dwayne Wade

Photo: SI.com

I love this look. I love everything about it. Without seeing this, if asked about the pairing of grey and tan, I would have said that I wasn't a fan of the color combination. However, the monochromatic layering of the layered shirt, tie and sweater vest, contrasted by different textures, is delightful. Not every man can pull off this look, but if you can do it, you need to go for it.

Carmelo Anthony

I know, I know, we all need to go at least one week without hearing, seeing, or reading anything about Melo. This just isn't going to be that week. Oh please. Like it's this particular picture in this particular post that pushed you over the edge.

Dwayne Wade showed how to do the monochromatic thing right. Witness Mr. Melo doing it entirely wrong. This color is heinous. I hate the the tie and I hate the belt. The coat is nice but it's lost in the fail that is the rest of the outfit. Sorry, Melo.

Chris Paul

Mix and match usually preppy patterns such as plaid and stripes and all of a sudden you have a not-so-traditional look. This is a fun take on the traditional coat and tie that could easily have been  boring. I don't love the jacket-I'm not sure what it needs, but it needs something--but I still like Paul's style in this ensemble.

Using the options set forth by Sports Illustrated, I rank the NBA's best dressed as follows:

1. LeBron James (tie)

1. Dwayne Wade (tie)

3. Chris Paul

Let's just leave it as that. I can't in good conscience put Melo anywhere on a "best dressed" list when he put on that mustard monstrousity. And we're just not even going to talk about Kobe.

Who gets your vote for the NBA's best dressed player?

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