Wishing You A Merry Tebow!

I blame Peyton Manning's neck injury and absence all season for skewing the balance of the NFL universe. Eli stole his mojo and is being hailed as--*shudder*--an elite quarterback. The Bengals have a winning record and may just make the playoffs, and the Eagles are 5-8. And the sporting universe is obsessed with a quarterback who can't throw a ball.

2011 has been the whackiest NFL season in football in recent memory , but one thing is clear: The fans can't seem to get enough of Tim Tebow.

Who knew that Tebowmania would have me longing for the obsessive Tom Brady fawning, with no counterbalance typically provided by a healthy dose of P. Manning awe, that consumed ESPN in September and October?

Tebow, the deeply religious quarterback for the Denver Broncos is responsible for the explosion of Tebowing (okay, that is the one Tebow related craze that I can get behind). The phrase "all he does is win" the exploded when Tebow began, well, winning once he became Denver's starting QB. And about 89% of all NFL Network and ESPN air time. People can't enough.

Tebow is not shy to express his faith and one thing is clear: God seems to love him some Tim Tebow.

So why not combine our new national pastime of Tebow worship with one of the most important holidays in Christianity?

That's right. This holiday, you can send a Tim Tebow Christmas card.

Image via Image CPR

Sigh. I would say that this has gone entirely too far, but I said that at the Tebow Jesus jerseys. Then the tattoos. So I'm just not going to say anything else and hope that some semblance of sanity returns to football fans sometime in the near future.

Now let us pray that I don't receive one of these in the mail.

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